At Managing Minds, we offer a range of interventions to support pupils either on an individual level or in small groups.  These are usually 30-45 minute sessions that run weekly for between 2-6 sessions.  Where possible, we suggest that a member of staff observes the sessions so they can be trained how to deliver the sessions themselves within schools.  Resources to deliver the packages are provided where appropriate.


  • Feel the Fear (dealing with anxiety)
  • How do I feel? (dealing with emotions)
  • Calm down! (dealing with stress)
  • 10-1 (dealing with anger)
  • Feel Good (enhancing self-esteem)
  • Stop! (impulse control)
  • Looking Good (body image acceptance)
  • Me and my brain (understanding how our brains affect how we think, feel and behave)**
  • Mindfulness Sessions*
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions*


We can also deliver whole-class sessions and whole-school assemblies on a variety of SEMH themes.


*staff are not able to observe or be trained to deliver this within school – further specialist training is required

**staff are able to observe but not deliver the sessions