An audit from Managing Minds is usually the first stop when considering SEMH issues.  It provides an overview of where your school is at, what is working well and how to move forward.


Initial Audit

The SEMH audit is a comprehensive audit and analysis of your schools SEMH provision.  It includes the following:

  • Collating views on SEMH issues from all members of the school community via an annoymous system
  • Conducting a site visit to discuss your strengths, concerns and current SEMH provision
  • Analysing your documentation relevant to SEMH
  • On-site observations
  • Feedback meeting to discuss the data, key findings and provide advice & recommendations
  • A copy of the report including key findings & recommendations
  • Support writing an SEMH policy (additional cost)


What are the benefits of an audit?

  • Provides information about how the views of governors, leadership, staff, parents and pupils compare to each other.
  • Highlights strengths as well as areas of concern
  • Provides data that can be presented to OFSTED.
  • Can be used to show impact of SEMH initiatives implemented in your school.
  • Provides advice and recommendations.


Follow-up Audits

We can conduct a follow-up audit to assess the impact of any changes you have made to your SEMH provision, comparing your new data with the original audit.