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At Managing Minds, we believe that empowering your staff in their roles is one of the most cost effective way to help schools.  We offer a wide range of training packages that are available as full days, half-days or shorter twilight sessions (60-90 minutes). Examples of the types of training we run are:traffic-sign-809006

  • An overview of SEMH issues in Schools
  • The Science of Sleep
  • The Brain Child
  • The Hidden Brain
  • Understanding and dealing with anxiety
  • Understanding and dealing with Self-harm
  • Understanding and dealing with Depression
  • Understanding and dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Promoting Resiliency
  • Enhancing Positive Well-Being
  • Using Solution Focused Approaches
  • Using Guided Imagery to support SEMH
  • Introduction to Hypnotherapy in Schools Programme


The Brain Child – This training package combines recent neuroscience findings and modern psychology to help you understand SEMH issues in a new way.  It will teach you about the effects of our environment on our brain compared to what we are born with and how we can use this knowledge to find the most effective strategies to make changes to our own thoughts/feelings/actions as well as being most effective in supporting others.

The Science of Sleep –  This training looks at the processes of sleep and aids an understanding of how and why we sleep.  It looks at the effects of poor sleep on behaviour, emotions, health, learning, memory, etc.  It explores the links between trauma and sleep and various parasomnias.  The training covers a range of good sleep hygiene strategies and tips.

The Hidden Brain – This training explores the impact of the conscious and unconscious mind on our behaviour.  It examines how things we are unaware of can significantly alter how we respond to the world without us noticing.  The course encourages participants to reflect on the setting where they work and their own lives, to see how they might change aspects to help themselves and others.

If the training you require is not listed above, please get in touch with us and we can develop something bespoke to your needs.